Turn off computers and smart phones during the night: pros and cons

This will not be a question that does not let us sleep at night, but I think it is interesting to know what to do with their electronic items: tablet, mobile phone or computer.

There are times when you would ever want to shut down your pc or smartphone because there is some program or application in the background that you want to keep active.

On the other hand, turn the device off is always the best way to resolve errors or problems, especially if it has been on for a long time. 

There is no single answer to the question whether it is better to keep off or turned on the PC or mobile phone.

In general, shut down an electronic device is a good thing, that it will never cause damage.

So how do you turn on and off the TV every day, you should adjust the same way with the PC and the Mac, and, at least occasionally, even with the iPhone or iPad.

1) When you turn off your PC or Mac?

The most obvious answer is the night.

Leave your computer on continuously raise the consumption of energy in your home, especially if it is a desktop PC that never goes into sleep mode as they do laptops.

However, if you look at the overall energy consumption, the computer probably will be responsible only minimally.

Turn on and off a computer will not cause any damage to hardware or electronic circuits.

No doubt it is true that keeping a computer off when not in use increases its durability, reducing wear and heating of components, memory chips, graphics cards and so on.

Among the most delicate components but there is always the hard drive continues to run without interruption.

Stop the ride and take it back anyway cause increased wear rather than keep it in constant motion.

In reference to this we could say that shut down the computer once a day or a few times a week is a good thing but instead turn on and off several times each day, in the long run, it could cause a malfunction of the hard disk.

This is also the reason why, when the computer reboots itself frequently, the first to suffer is the hard and integrity of data stored on it are put in danger.


If your computer is equipped with a SSD (Solid State Drive) this problem is not there and you can also restart 100 times a day without risk of wear.

The power of a computer with SSD is much faster then the advice is to turn it off when not in use, even several times a day.

The SSD is consumed, however, with the scriptures, so if you want to leave your computer always on, it's better than a Windows PC.


There are several tools or programs to turn off the computer automatically when not in use, at a certain time, or after the execution of a software or a process.

You can turn off the computer after a period of inactivity, turn off automatically with a timer and you can also make sure that the computer turns off and restarts immediately and go into hibernation so that it is ready for the next use.

If you decide to never turn off a computer, it is very important to configure the power management options to turn off the hard disk, dim the monitor or let the computer suspend if not used.

The fact remains that shut down and restart the computer helps to correct transient errors on the system, because the RAM is emptied that, in the long run, might become full of useless data.


2) When should you turn off an iPhone or an Android smartphone or a tablet like the iPad?

Devices such as mobile phones iPhone and iPad, are not like a PC or a Mac

The components are completely different as well as the way in which they operate.

The rules then are all different and, in general, we can say that an iPhone or an Android smartphone should never be turned off.

The only reason to turn off your smartphone or tablet would be a possible malfunction (such as an app stuck), which often is resolved with a simple reboot.

But we must consider as the battery, if it's charging every night, end up ruined.

The ideal would be to put the phone in standby with the Airplane mode during the night, which disables the receipt WiFi and 3G, so it consumes less energy as possible.

Given the various tips to increase the battery life of iPhone, smartphones and cell phones should be noted as turning off the cell phone smartphone night is still recommended in case you do not intend to receive emails or messages or if you do not use the Alarm function.


In any case it is impossible to give a clear answer to the title question.

Every opinion is subjective.




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