Long term rental cars: what are the most important elements to be evaluated?

The fleet manager, or anyone who has to evaluate and optimize a company's fleet often does not possess all the knowledge that would be needed to move safely among the various proposals. Often those responsible for this difficult task makes another "job": purchasing manager, or general services, or production, or staff, etc.. What are the elements that the fleet manager should list and evaluate, at the moment he is preparing to seek bids for a contract for long-term rental? This includes, in addition to the financing of the car (the "iron" as they say in the jargon of the field), a series of important services that "make the difference" between a supplier and another and can be a solution, if well managed, or a source of problems, if poorly managed or partially absent. So in evaluating the various proposals, the customer must verify the presence or absence of these services and find out how they are carried out.

It convenient rent a car instead of buying it? The long-term rental: features, pros and cons

What is the long-term rental and why choose it

Many companies, whether expanding small / medium size, they often need to provide its directors or employees of the car with which to move to go by customers or to run errands etc.

Bear the costs of one or more car even if business is not always available to everyone, because it is known that the expenditure involves the possession of a car are not a few, especially if we take into account any failure, maintenance costs, insurance etc..

If we take into consideration the fact that a new car after a year is already declined greatly, we can say that for a company to purchase a company's fleet is not convenient at all.

How much is the expected return for an investment in real estate?

When you buy a property for investment purposes, generally you tend to rent it to a third party in exchange for paying a monthly rent. With the elimination of fair rent the lease price is determined by free bargaining between the landlord and the tenant. On average, the gross return of investment property in one year (two rooms rented to third parties) hovered around 5-6%. It is a given strongly indicative that can vary depending on many factors and local parameters (for example in cities is higher by a few percent due to the high demand). It should however be considered that you are talking about gross yield. In addition to revenue (rent) the property owner will have to support each year a number of housing costs and tax charges. The net yield of an investment property is halved generally 3%. In any case, the net return on an investment in bricks and mortar is presented, however, higher than the net return on an investment in government bonds (Bot, BTP). E 'instead of a lower equity investment (but also less risky).

How do you open a deposit account? Simple step by step guide

With so volatile a stock and asset represented by the fake withdrawal of 0.15% on the securities accounts, many investors prefer to stay liquid, investing their availability in deposit accounts.

Very few risks and good squad, open a deposit account is a fairly simple operation that can be done from home, online, or even on the phone. To be able to open one it takes two things: be of age and have a checking account support.

Remember that you do not need to open a deposit account in the same bank where you have your checking account. You have to assess the costs and returns offered by a comparison between different banks. Once the choice of the true shall open a deposit account.

Deposit accounts: what they are, as they are safe, which returns guarantee, what to be careful, as they are taxed

Choose the Best Deposit Account

Among the many financial products offered by banks stands the deposit account, a current account particular, which allows the customer to invest a sum of money in an easy, free and absolutely safe.

This type of account, in fact, is among the best ways of low-risk investment, such as a traditional current account, which does not ensure interest rates so high.

The deposit account, so it can be considered as a form of investment (or savings) which guarantees a return at no additional cost.

Finance Ministry in year 2013 up to 600,000 for investment and employment in the green economy

Published in Official Gazette No. 21 of 25 January 2013 the Ministry of the Environment Circular 18 January 2013, n. 5505 establishing a fund of 460 million euro for the development of youth employment in the green economy. Companies are involved in all sectors of all sizes and young workers up to 35 years.

Of allocated resources, well 390 million are aimed at investment projects proposed by companies in every industry, in the form of sole proprietorships, partnerships and consortia thereof, or linked by network contracts under the recent regulations came into force (law of 9 April 2009, n. 33).

Ben EUR 10 million shall be reserved for simplified SRL.

Youth entrepreneurship: 100% grant funding

Under the program AMVA, Italy Lavoro spa has published a tender for the supply of finance 100% grant to encourage the creation of new businesses run by young people aged between 18 and 35 years.

The surgery is equipped with 5 million euro, out of the national resources of the European Social Fund 2007-2013 and supports the acquisition by young entrepreneurs up to 35 years in companies whose owners have passed 55 years of age.

The grant is equal to:

 5.000 EUR, for transfers of businesses worth between 10,000 and 29,999 Euros;

 10.000 EUR, for transfers of companies with a value equal to or greater than € 30,000.

Ministry of economic development: funding for innovative projects in the field of cultural heritage sites

The Ministry of Education, in agreement with the Ministry for Economic Development invests € 14 million in favor of SMEs and innovative start-ups in the field of culture and cultural heritage of Convergence Regions (Calabria, Campania, Puglia and Sicily). The line Culture Impact Increased, the invitation Startup 2013 offers you access to funding of up to € 1,200,000 for the development of products and services capable of enhancing goods and cultural sites by stimulating new businesses.

Project proposals must be geared towards the development of products and services (industrial research) capable of allowing fall into one of these areas:

Available online database with the funding of Community programs 2014-2020

FormezPA is available on the website of the database "Community programs 2014-2020" made under the second phase of the project Hub & Spoke System. The database provides information on the different funding opportunities that will be available in Europe from 2014 and was built on the basis of legislative proposals from the Commission. Since it is proposed, they can be modified before their final approval expected by the end of 2013.

Direct funding of the EU are the measure that perhaps most of all it allows us to see Europe in our daily lives. They allow, through the establishment of partnerships between agencies, companies and associations, both public and private of the 27 Member States, to implement innovative projects of high interest by encouraging cooperation between all countries.

European funding for small and medium-sized enterprises: the guide available online European Union

They are small and medium-sized enterprises the real engine of the economy, accounting for over 98% of European companies. They provide two thirds of employment and have created 85% of new jobs in the last 5 years. For this reason, writes the European Commission on its institutional portal, we are fielding all available resources in favor of SMEs in order to promote innovation and jobs.

A good starting point is the campaign that the Commission has decided to launch. It 'clear that although the possibility of access to EU funds are so numerous, offer various forms of grants, loans and loan guarantees without promotion allows you to achieve optimal results.

Therefore, the European Commission has relaunched its updated guidance on the topic, an overview of the main funding opportunities for European SMEs. To download the guide in Italian, just click the link at the bottom of the article.

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