Some ways to reduce the energy consumption of household appliances

Saving money on domestic consumption has become crucial to be able to make ends meet at the end of the month, with simple steps, here's how you can reduce the cost of electricity of our appliances.

With the new year also came new price rises on bills of electricity, water and gas. Most of the consumption of electricity, water and gas in a family are due to the use of kitchen appliances.

Here are some simple rules to make efficient use of stove, refrigerator and oven, avoiding waste and lowering the total invoices.

European directives make mandatory the energy audits

4 December 2012 started the countdown for the transposition of 2012/27/UE, the new EU directive on energy efficiency. By 5 June 2014 Italy will have to set their own long-term goals beyond those provided in the cd "20-20-20 climate and energy package." Since the source of energy that is not consumed more sustainable, then, understand well why energy audits will become in the near-future-practice mandatory in order to achieve the ambitious goals in terms of efficiency and savings outlined by the Roadmap 2050 for the decarbonisation and denuclearization of the energy sector.

Possibility to replace the energy certification of a building with ACE self-declaration of poor power quality (class G)

The possibility to replace the energy certification ACE with a self-declaration of the owner which expresses the energy of bad quality 'property is often the subject of debate. The law allows this possibility clearly with the 'Article 9 of the Guidelines for Energy Certification DM 26-06-2009.

14/09/2012 In response to the infringement procedure opened by the European Union, was issued a draft decree of the Ministry of Productive Activities which will be soon eliminated the possibility of using the self-certification in Class G.

Software and hardware solutions to measure the power consumption of a personal computer

The power consumption of the PC pollution affects not to mention that the PC always on 24h/24h leave in a year could cost 600 Euros of electricity. Let's take an example: in Italy an KWh costs between 12:18 and 12:40 EUR EUR for domestic contracts, if the PC consumes 300W, holding on for 24 hours consumes: 300 * 24 = 7200 Wh corresponding to 7.2 KWh, say that the cost is hovers around 0.25 euro / kWh would have a daily expenditure of € 1.8 a year in which they turn into 657 euro. Forget also to undermine the bitcoin in Italy as inconvenient because of high energy prices.

In truth, most modern PCs on standby consume less and even turned their consumption is never the maximum power supply, however it is the duty of everyone to follow this rule, at least until we resort to dirty energy: when something is not in use turned off. Now let's see how to measure the power consumption of a PC:

Why is convenient the installation of photovoltaic system to the companies

The easiest solution for anyone who is thinking of installing a photovoltaic system on the roof company is to ask for a free quote on a company specialized in solutions "turnkey", or directly contact the installing company, in both cases the customer is followed at all stages: design, request authorization, installation, grid connection practices and practices for the request of the GSE incentives granted under the rules established by the Third Conto Energia.

What are the advantages that a high energy class ensures?

Gradually all the houses entered into the real estate market will have their "label" energy that will certify the quality.

"Certify" means understanding what consumes a house by relating what produces heat (plants) with what disperses it (walls, windows, etc..). This value, the result of accurate measurements and calculations, is then inserted in the register energy and remains associated with the house until the next certification.

In the near future which homes will have greater commercial value? Those located in a class higher energy (low consumption) or those in a class lower energy (high consumption)? The answer is obvious: the higher the energy class, the lower the consumption of the house, the higher the commercial value.

Free market power: how to verify the convenience of tenders, how to change operator and find the right contract

From monopoly to liberalization, a process that began in Italy in late compared to other European countries and that often proved to be long and complex, but not for the electricity sector.

This is, in fact, one of the few areas in which our country can be defined pioneer in the development of the free market: according to the estimates of '"Index of liberalization", produced by the institution Bruno Leoni, in a year, the sector has gone by an open rate of 69% to 71% (the reference is the UK market, the more open electricity market in Europe).

Request correction of incorrect gas bill: a guide to procedures to be followed

The client believes that the amount shown on the gas bill does not meet the consumption recorded by the meter can send the seller a written request for invoice adjustment. Here's how.

The client believes that the amount shown on the gas bill does not meet the consumption recorded by the meter can send the seller a written request for invoice adjustment. It is a written communication in which the client must present their objections in this regard. You should not confuse the written request for invoice adjustment with your claim. The claims are in fact customer communications to the seller to complain that the service received did not meet the requirements set by the laws and regulations, the proposed contract, the supply contract, by the service regulation, explains Authority (Authority for Electricity and the gas). Requests for correction of billing are therefore set aside. Specifically, the standard references are made by ARG / com 164/08 and by Resolution no. 200/99.

Solar panels: overview of features and types available

The solar panel or solar collector is the part of the plant directly exposed to solar radiation, to which is entrusted with the energy conversion. Technological research has led to the development of various types of collectors (suitable for solar thermal or solar photovoltaic), characterized by high performance and different operating conditions:

Solar panels glazed non-selective - collectors of the first generation, consisting of a bedroom isolated from a sealed chamber formed between a tempered glass directly move to the sun and a rear shell insulated. Within the solar panel is inserted a metallic absorber blackened, so as to increase efficiency. This type of solar panel is the cheapest and most widely used for the facilities used to cover the annual domestic needs, especially in geographic areas where there is plenty of direct radiation in the winter months and fairly mild weather conditions.

New renewable energy up to 90% efficient: cogeneration and trigeneration

If you live in a large apartment building, you own or manage a hotel business, a mountain retreat, an RSA, a SPA or are in charge of an industry, upgrading the energy efficiency of your building passes for cogeneration.

The mini-cogeneration common is a machine, rather an independent system of small size installed and used directly by the end user. The peculiarity of these machines is the ability to produce more energy types simultaneously: heat and electricity in cogeneration, which becomes trigeneration with the addition of cooling.

First of all, the mini CHP is not a renewable source rectory, here the energy is exploited in an efficient manner: very efficient. In fact, while in a conventional plant production is exploited only 40%, in these machines are unable to use all of the primary energy consumed, arriving to an efficiency of 90%.

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