ADSL: comparison average connection speed of the various providers and tools to test the speed of your connection

Unfortunately, in Italy, Internet connections are far from being the fastest in Europe.

According to the ranking made by sites such as Akamai Italy has an average speed of internet less than Spain, England, France, Germany, Finland, Sweden, Norway and also Poland, Hungary, Romania and the Czech Republic

Practically we are among the richest countries in the past, just above Turkey and Greece (and other Eastern European countries). 

The rate of broadband penetration, ie the number of high-speed Internet connections (capacity greater than or equal to 144 kbit / s) per 100 inhabitants is below the European average that you can see from the chart below Eurostat.

The price of an ADSL subscription in Italy, however, is high.

The internet providers often promise Italian "Fast Internet" but is it really?


How do you know if you're actually getting the speed you are paying each month?

To measure the actual speed and actual connection, the best way to calculate the speed of the Internet connection on the ADSL network is Speedtest.

Before using Speedtest, however, it is important to check that no other program is using the connection.

They should therefore be closed any programs Bit Torrent, browsers, chat or anything else receives data from the network.

If you use multiple computers connected to the same modem or router, you have to turn them off.

Then, open the web page and start the test.

Speedtest will automatically choose a server close to home and will do the downloading and uploading of a file by measuring the speed of these transfers.


Speedtest is useful, but only gives a snapshot of the Internet connection speed at a certain time.

To get an accurate estimate of the speed of Internet connection in the course of a day or a whole week, you can use a free program called Auto Speed Tester, which, as already written in the past, controls the speed of the internet automatically during the day at regular intervals.

You can thus see a graph of your connection speed over time, seeing what hours the internet is slower and in which the downloads are faster.

This is an extremely powerful program that runs in the background and also allows you to set up an e-mail address by receiving alerts when the speed of Internet connection falls below a certain level.


The results could also be disappointing when compared with those promised by the provider that you are paying for.

For example, the subscription can be written on the card 8MB or 20MB and instead speed test indicates no more than 1.5 MB of speed.

Unfortunately, as indicated by the internet provider is the theoretical speed under ideal conditions.

The actual speed instead can depend on the amount of load on the network, as it is away from the control units of the provider and other factors.

A customer can not do anything to remedy this situation and it is therefore useless to protest because the contract with the ISP there will surely be the clause that "the actual speed may vary."

However, if the speed was greatly slower then there may be a technical problem and it is worth informing the call center.

If you are not satisfied, you can find out about the average speeds provided by the internet provider and find the best one.

There are many companies that provide internet, not just Telecom and Fastweb, but also many small local providers, so it's worth doing a search.

To find out which are the fastest in Italy you can go to the site that compares the speed of internet connections in Italy and in the world: NetIndex.

In the table of Italian ISP, is marked the average speed over time of the 20 best measured by, from 8 May 2010 until today.

What is important to look at then is the graph where you can see if an internet provider has improved or worsened the speed of your network.

Even assuming that this detection system is not accurate, it still represents an excellent service provider for orientation and discover good and bad.

For example, it is clear that Italian providers that provide the highest speed for internet access are among the H3G mobile internet provider Fastweb and between the ADSL broadband.

Unfortunately, the list is not complete and can not be used to find a provider known as less efficient.





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