Programs for management and connectivity of Android smartphones from PC via WIFI or USB

For mobile phone HTC, Samsung or other models that have in common the Android operating system, do not provide a good management program of the mobile phone as it happens, for example, for Nokia who have the Nokia Ovi Suite or the iPhone that has iTunes.

It thus remains an open question for a program that encompasses all the features of management and organization of contacts, SMS, photos, applications, music and video, so you can make backups of security and to streamline the phone data easily and fast. 

As mobile phones and Android smartphones are becoming increasingly popular, we now see two programs for Windows PCs that allow easy management of data and files stored in the phone, via USB or Wifi connection.

1) AirDroid is the best application to manage your Android phone from the PC via web browser, because it does not need a client, it works on any Mac, Linux and Windows, it is complete and allows you to transfer files, contacts, text messages and applications with ease and speed.


2) Another quick and easy way to transfer files wirelessly from computer to Android phone and vice versa is FTPDroid which is discussed in another article.

Via FTP you can not, however, sincronizzre the phone book and SMS messages for which it serves another application.


3) File Expert is created to manage files and applications from Android phone with PC or transfer files in all directions via wifi and bluetooth, web, via FTP, via sharing folders and direct connection between phones.


4) Wondershare MobileGo is a utility for managing data (wifi or USB) that assists users to organize Android pc from the list of contacts, messages, music, video files and photo albums.

In addition to these data management functions also allows you to transfer files from phone to computer and vice versa, and make backup and restore.

After installing it, before connecting the phone to the computer, you need to enable USB ildebug, in Settings> Applications> Development.

If you are using an HTC, you need to tap the HTC Sync option to allow MobileGo to read the data on your phone.

Once the phone is connected via the USB cable to the computer, you will see the figure of the mobile phone and the program will start to scan memory, noting how much space has been used.

In the first screen, you can immediately create a backup of data or address book, and SMS applications.


The Contacts section allows you to organize your contacts into groups, to read various information, to change the phone numbers or other details and to import address books from other files or to export the one on the computer.

Right you can do Select All to select all entries

The window allows you to view SMS messages received and sent.

The list of contacts is shown on the left side, so you can filter messages based on the sender or recipient.

You can also delete conversations, reply to a text from the program itself and see a list of received messages with date and time.

To compose a new message, click New message in the navigation bar and enter the recipient's number.

Similarly, you can manage your music, movies and photos stored.

With this program you can add mp3 files, pictures or videos on your phone by simply dragging them from your computer to the window of MobileGo.

You can also click on the Add button to load music, movies and photos by specifying the files from the folders on your computer.

In the music section, you can create playlists.


5) Android Manager WiFi is a free program that serves as a tool for wireless synchronization for all Android smartphone or tablet.

With this software you can connect your phone to PC without USB cables, simply by turning on the wifi.

It runs a full backup of the device and allows you to manage contacts, messages, photos, videos, applications, calendar, music.

In order to use Android Manager WiFi, the laptop PC and mobile phone must be connected to the same WiFi network.

The first step is to download and install the program on your computer and then install the application from the Android Manager WiFi Agent Market.

To connect pc-phone, just enable wifi and connect to the same network, run the Android Manager on your phone, see the IP address and set the PIN code, open the program and Access Manager on the computer, from the Connections tab - > settings, enter PIN code and phone's IP address.

Once you connect your Android smartphone, you can manage all of the data by transferring them from the computer to the phone or vice versa.

You can, again, managing and organizing Contacts, Messages, Photos, Videos, and also installed applications.

The program shows more things than the Wondershare MobileGo and there is also a file manager that supports drag and drop to drag and drop files to and from the PC.

On the part devoted to music, there is also an integrated mp3 player, support for tags and the ability to upload and download tracks between your device and your computer.

The management of SMS messages is really well done, with the possibility to read the messages in the form of conversations, and you can also quickly send a message via Android Manager WiFi without using the phone.


The contact card makes it possible to sync between an Android phone and MS Outlook. It also allows you to create new contacts, edit existing ones, edit the information, and so on.

Finally, the best feature of the program is the timing so as to make an incremental backup every time you want, deciding what type of elements to save.

Synchronization can also be programmed to run automatically each time the mobile phone and PC are connected.


6) MyPhone Explorer is one of the backup programs for Android, which allows you to save all the data on PCs and files and also do transfers to and from the phone.





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