Work restructuring property: permissions, requirements and the necessary steps

What are the requirements and steps to take to get the permits required by the City of Rome to start the renovation of the buildings? A brief explanation.

The first thing to do if you intend to perform work of ordinary and extraordinary maintenance or renovation of a building (house, apartment, villa, office, loft, etc..) Is informed about the rules laid down by the technical departments of competence on the territory.

The technician will be responsible for the preparation of the necessary documentation according to the type of action to be taken.

For routine maintenance:

NOTICE OF COMMENCEMENT (CIL) pursuant to art. 6 of the Presidential Decree 380/01 for the works pertaining to demolition and reconstruction of floor coverings, technological systems (hydro-sanitary-electric), plasters, paints, placement of solar or photovoltaic panels, however, works that do not affect the movement or the construction of partitions, it is understood that in case of reconstruction of the technological systems, remains obligation of the obligations referred to L. 10/91 and Ministerial Decree 37/08.

For the most important works:

REPORTING certified logon '(SCIA pursuant to Law 106/11 for all other types of intervention are envisaged extraordinary maintenance of the property, renovation or restoration conservative, internal redistribution of the spaces with demolition and rebuilding of the partitions; In this case, the technician will prepare appropriate application with the data of the property, compliance with building and urban property, cadastral data, and if the area falls within the area subject to restrictions on scenic, cultural, archaeological plumbing etc.., clearances necessary and required;

the technician will also draw up a technical report on the type of intervention to achieve accompanied by appropriate drawings; Another key aspect to consider is to do carry out the work to a firm in possession of the document DURC as it is complementary part of the documentation required for the validation of the SCIA It should be noted that with this type of application jobs can be started the day after the submission of the application and not wait for 30 days. Under the previous legislation.



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