Prefinished parquet: what is it, how much it costs, advantages and disadvantages

Parquet, a modern interpretation of traditional parquet with the same charm and the same features as the first but with a considerable advantage in terms of cost savings.

A modern interpretation of the traditional parquet

The parquet flooring is made up of different layers of these essences to grasp, for each of them, the maximum benefit. So this is a modern interpretation of traditional parquet, which in any event always retains its original charm intact.

The advantages of pre-finished parquet

One of the great advantages of prefinished parquet is that it allows a quick and easy installation even on existing floors. For these reasons, it is the currently most widespread parquet, formed by a top layer of noble wood of at least 2.5 millimeters and an underlying layer which acts as a support of wood that we can define poor. Generally the parquet does not need painting but is sold ready for laying. To make the installation of a floor of this kind are sufficient just a couple of days, and spending routing than traditional parquet is less, as it can refer to about 15 euro per square meter.

The disadvantages of pre-finished parquet

Choose a parquet obviously entails some disadvantages: the shorter duration compared to a traditional parquet made in hardwood, and the lower insulating power. As for prices, the parquet is on the market at prices ranging from 35 to 60 euro per square meter. If you decide to buy it in stock, you could spend a lot less, say 25 to 30 square meters. Obviously the price depends from the essence that makes up the top layer of wood, the design and the grain of the wood, making it more or less valuable, the length of the strip, as the boards of two meters for example are absolutely dear.



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