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With the liberalization of the electricity market, the consumer is often confused in choosing a supplier of Energy. We often wonder: "What will be the manager that best suits my needs?" "I will have made the best choice?" "How can I save energy?". An answer to these questions was offered by the Authority for Electricity and Gas which has decided to help the consumer by creating a special website. Entering simple data (which is traceable in the bill), you can figure out which is the offer of the various energy companies more responsive to our needs. In this way the energy Authority ensures not only the ability to make the best choices, but also transparency and consumer decisions informed and aware.

How is it used? just enter your ZIP code at least the Municipality of interest, the annual consumption based on historical consumption indicated in the bill, and the type of offer to which you are interested. Once this step, the search engine will compare the different proposals of the different Fuelling energy and provide you with several options related to your needs.

These companies have an obligation to update their bids on their own responsibility and in real time. This means that in the event of faults or complaints to the authority of the electricity will be taken direct action to protect consumers as defined by the law establishing n. 481/95. The Directive also provides that fees for the energy component will remain fixed for the entire duration of the contract, even if the market is affected by the oscillations.

Electricity companies who accepted the offer are varied: ACAM Customers, AB Energie Srl, AGSM Energia SpA, A2A, Edison Energia SpA, Enel Energia SpA, Eni SpA div. gas & power, Acea Electrabel electricity, AMGA Energia and services, Blue Meta, Cva trading, Aeneid, E.ON.Energia Vivigas, Flyenergia SpA, Hera Comm Srl, Iride SpA, Sorgenia SpA, Italcogim Energia SpA, thirties.



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