Software and hardware solutions to measure the power consumption of a personal computer

The power consumption of the PC pollution affects not to mention that the PC always on 24h/24h leave in a year could cost 600 Euros of electricity. Let's take an example: in Italy an KWh costs between 12:18 and 12:40 EUR EUR for domestic contracts, if the PC consumes 300W, holding on for 24 hours consumes: 300 * 24 = 7200 Wh corresponding to 7.2 KWh, say that the cost is hovers around 0.25 euro / kWh would have a daily expenditure of € 1.8 a year in which they turn into 657 euro. Forget also to undermine the bitcoin in Italy as inconvenient because of high energy prices.

In truth, most modern PCs on standby consume less and even turned their consumption is never the maximum power supply, however it is the duty of everyone to follow this rule, at least until we resort to dirty energy: when something is not in use turned off. Now let's see how to measure the power consumption of a PC:

The first solution is online and is a virtual instrument designed to calculate how much needs to be powerful the power of your PC, the service is offered by Thermaltake: Power Supply Calculator

Another software to measure the power consumption of a PC could be joulemeter (for Windows only).

The third solution is to buy a real power meter to hook the plug of the power strip where they are connected to the monitor and PC devices such as these also allow you to calculate the consumption of all electrical appliances.

If you make use of peer to peer or leave the PC turned on you should always use hardware solutions that consume less energy as possible for your wallet and the environment.




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