New renewable energy up to 90% efficient: cogeneration and trigeneration

If you live in a large apartment building, you own or manage a hotel business, a mountain retreat, an RSA, a SPA or are in charge of an industry, upgrading the energy efficiency of your building passes for cogeneration.

The mini-cogeneration common is a machine, rather an independent system of small size installed and used directly by the end user. The peculiarity of these machines is the ability to produce more energy types simultaneously: heat and electricity in cogeneration, which becomes trigeneration with the addition of cooling.

First of all, the mini CHP is not a renewable source rectory, here the energy is exploited in an efficient manner: very efficient. In fact, while in a conventional plant production is exploited only 40%, in these machines are unable to use all of the primary energy consumed, arriving to an efficiency of 90%.

Italian company produces several innovative models to meet all building requirements, residential and industrial. Machinery almost unique in Italy and in Europe, in the micro CHP since it can modulate the production of heat and electricity depending on the needs of the building, managing peak consumption or situations "island" supply.

The green fuel of these machines is the normal methane, but it is the study of company exploitation of biogas from organic waste products in agriculture, such as animal dung, products from the processing of wine and grapes etc.


So here are the highlights:

- Economic and social development sustainable in remote areas and / or connectable to the national electricity

- Mini-mini cogeneration and trigeneration evolved, variable speed, high efficiency modulating always with the possibility to take advantage of any public incentives

- Increase of electrical power and / or uninterruptible power high-performance, independently but without batteries

- Control and complete management of the machines via remote control and tele-operator, via the web.

- Renewable energy source that provides power in a continuous and constant (photovoltaic and wind power are intermittent)


The investment of these machines has a payback in 4-7 years depending on the following incentives:

- White certificates

- Sale of electricity into the grid

- The fuel tax exemption

- Reset the electricity bill


Even if your condo spend astronomical amounts of diesel fuel and light, your hotel consumes more current than Enel is able to provide, perhaps now you've discovered the future, even if you have space for photovoltaics, wind or biomass, your building can become more sustainable.



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