Installing solar thermal system: installation costs, maintenance and recovery time investment

On average, a typical family, the payback period would be approximately 5-10 years maintenance included, what this allows, after that period, to go active with respect to the energy bill that would have paid if we had a facility traditional type. It is expected that with the passage of time these days to wait for the recovery of the initial investment come down dramatically as the cost of "traditional" is expected to steadily increasing and the technologies for solar power in decline thanks to the expansion of the market itself and the adoption of economies of scale by producers.

In any case, the return time (pay-back time) drop significantly if you design the solar thermal system in the process of constructing the building. 

Incentives and tax breaks

State Incentives

Approximately hovering around 25-30% of the cost. Among the various types of incentives, there are notices of the Ministry of Environment, calls for regional, provincial and some municipalities. There will also be discounts on taxes: the personal income tax deduction of 41% and a reduction in the VAT rate from 20 to 10%. In addition, some banks offer soft loans for solar installations.

Income tax deduction based on the Finance Act of the current year: For 2008 the deduction of 55% of spending in 3 years if the intervention of an existing building.

The maximum value of the tax deduction is 60,000 euro. Interventions have an incentive to install solar panels that relate to the installation of solar panels to produce hot water for domestic or industrial use and to cover the demand for hot water in swimming pools, sports facilities, nursing homes and care institutions schools and universities. The needs satisfied with the facility of hot water can not only adhered to the domestic sphere or to the production needs but more generally to the commercial, recreational or social welfare, in practice have access to deduct all the structures relevant activities and services that require the production of hot water.


Regional Incentives

It is, in general, of capital funding to cover part of the investment cost


What does it cost to adopt a solar thermal system?

But the real question that everyone is looking for answer is: "what is really making this choice and what is the return on investment resulting from the adoption of a solar thermal system?"

The cost depends on the technology used and the size of the plant, then the hot water needs, latitude (north or south Italy), insolation, the technology used (natural circulation or forced circulation tank located inside the house) and ease of installation (on the roof or surface more or less accessible) as mentioned until now.

In a nutshell, the parameters to assess the cost of the solar temico are:

 the installed surface and / or the number of solar panels

 the capacity of the storage tank for hot water

 the power and the type of the boiler (traditional boiler or condensing boiler) in case of replacement

At the same energy of the vacuum tube collectors are about 30% more expensive than flat plate collectors. These prices are valid for all the necessary components including mounting.

The full price for a system with flat-plate collectors for a house of 4 people is between 2,600 and 5,000 Euros. Also, if you plan to integrate with the heater, the price increases to 4500-9000 €.


How much does a solar thermal system? A practical example to do the math!

Example: production of hot water through solar panels replacing the electric water heater for a family of 3-4 people.

The average consumption of hot water is estimated at 200/250 liters per day then an average annual consumption of 3,000 kWh in electricity at a cost of more than 520,00 Euro a year, or in the case of gas boiler around 400, 00 Euro per year.

A plant for 3-4 people, with panels made of glazed flat-plate vacuum, the top of which there is in the market, costs about 4000,00 Euro + 10% VAT which must be added the cost of installation and transport which may vary from 1,000 to 3.000 Euro according to the difficulties encountered in the assembly (architectural integration. positioning, etc.).

Recall that in such a cost to be deducted the amount deductible for income tax recovery of 36% (around € 1,500.00 in our case).

If our family installs a solar system, you can cover it with an average of 70% of its requirements for domestic hot water. It can be argued that the actual savings will be achieved between 280,00 and 380,00 Euro per year. Considering an average depreciation period of the system evaluated in 5 years, during this period you will be able to recoup from 1400.00 to 1900.00 Euro sufficient to cover a large part of the initial investment.

And 'finally useful to remember that a solar energy system becomes more cost increases in utilization, with the advantage that once amortized does not have additional costs for the raw material, as the sun is free.

When buying property must be assessed the cost of installation, which depends heavily on the data constraints from the roof, the type of boiler, as the installation is constructed of hot water.

For installation and integration with its own boiler must be provided at least € 1,000-1,500: about 2-3 work days to a couple of people, scaffolding or other safety equipment, ancillary works and pipes and fittings insulated quite expensive.




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