Heat pump water heaters: economic benefits

In this article we treat the economic aspect of the choice of a heat pump water heaters. For most cases, it can be argued that there is economic convenience, if you use the heat pump for air conditioning, while such convenience is greatly reduced in applications for the only production of domestic hot water and for heating only.

In the latter case, the most advantageous conditions are obtained with the use of a cold source other than air (water or ground), since the heat pump, with this source, is able to cover the needs alone heat.

The economies achieved in the air-conditioned building with the use of the heat pump should be considered based on the lower consumption it enables, as compared to the conventional system (boiler) in winter.

The consumption in summer for cooling the environment are the same whether the heat pump is used as the traditional air conditioner.

For just the warming climate, the many system configurations do not allow a summary of general validity as for the other cases, but it can be said that the current costs of fuel and electricity, the payback time is more than eight years.

In case of use of the heat pump for heating only hot water the investment return times are greater than 4 years.




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