Green energy tariffs to save money

To date, an average family can save over € 100 a year, and at the same time, in some cases, even help the environment. Just choose the right rate.

Recall that the liberalization of the electricity market, which took place in 2007, finally allowed to suppliers selling directly to the end customer.

The consequences of the process of market opening, until now managed by former monopolist in a difficult mix of public and private interests, resulted in a reduction in the prices of electricity and gas and the diversity of supply.

According to the latest surveys in September consumers have preferred a fixed price tariff, in contrast with the trend of the market where the wholesale price stood still falling. Over 64% say they then wanted a rate that allows to protect themselves by rising energy prices, while 34% said they were in favor of a rate indexed to the cost parameters set by the Authority for Energy and Gas, which saves some even more content.

The awareness of environmental protection on a proactive public-end "prosumer" (25-45 years, males with high education) is high, and even 40% of the users (equivalent to a sample of 7000 households) choose to prefer a rate produced with clean energy.

In an Italian operators are offering many different offers that wink environment. Energy E.ON and Enel Energia in the first place are a large part of its list with green energy thanks to the massive investments that both corporations are making, from wind to solar, all over the world.

How green are your rates? are not always more expensive when compared to the prices of the component of energy obtained from fossil material or the corresponding standards set by the AEEG. From an economic point of view, in fact, part of the fees that seek to preserve the environment can save compared to the protected market although they are not the cheapest of all.

2624KWh estimated consumption for a family of two young people and a son.

Rates updated fourth quarter to 25.10.2010

For example you can spend less emissions and comply with the "sizes" of Enel Energia. Quantities used for offering All Inclusive Green Energy is supplied from renewable energy plants, such as water, wind and sun. All Inclusive Green Energy also provides for the neutralization of emissions CO2prodotte the entire billing process and the consumption of generation plants.

Affordable House also saving with the option tariff for electricity in Green di ABenergie I think that allows, at a cost slightly less than the fees established by the Authority, to benefit from an offer RECS.

Always good for the environment, a little 'less for the pockets of consumers, it is also the portfolio of offerings E.ON' s renewable To confirm that the renewable needs an incentive, even in part, by the people, it is located within the commercial proposal "Light Click the" rate of fossil E.ON cheapest on the market but if you want to opt for the offer of energy from clean sources is enough to spend about 25 Euros more than the regulated rate, established by the Authority for Energy and Gas.

The rise is greater with A2A proposes that, on the free market, their price rates stuck with energy coming from renewable sources: the premium in this case is about 60 euro a year.

Even LifeGate, always very committed to environmental responsibility, offering at the same price of the fare enhanced protection the offer sustainable RECS (the European system that guarantees the use of renewable sources for the production of electricity). The energy to "impact 0" LifeGate does not cause CO2 emissions offsetting the release of carbon dioxide with the creation and protection of forests capable of reabsorbing.

But the rates "green" really all come from clean energy? Sometimes not. And the problem is more general: the subscribers of green tariffs in some cases using the same energy as everyone else. In fact, less than one-tenth of the electricity produced (you are forced to read to produce only 2% of the electricity in a clean way) derived from alternative sources and fossil production is compensated for by the RECS.

This mechanism provides for the purchase of certificates that go to support the development and manufacture of renewable energy can then be sold on the market in the fossil, but the model is financed renewable.

The most important suppliers are committed to a sustainable world: E.ON has just invested over $ 400 million in an offshore wind farm while Enel Green Power fell on the Stock Exchange to collect and invest in renewable energy over 1 billion euro in the coming years. These are lessons of environmental sustainability for all competitors still lagging behind and also for citizens, first and foremost, they must (or should) embrace an environmentally friendly consumption.

In fact, even before giving a strong signal to the market in choosing clean energy so convinced you should aim for energy efficiency. To save money and pollution you have to consume less and above all better.



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