Electricity: the free market. There is a limit to the number of times you can change the service provider of electricity?

Potentially, as many times as you want. And is the new operator to take care of to close your previous contract, just a minimum notice

You can always change electricity supplier. It is in fact no limit in this direction. And you can always return to the conditions laid down by the Authority for Electricity and Gas (AEEG).

To join a new offer for the supply of electricity is sufficient to conclude the contract with the supplier of your choice. Which will then take care of the steps required to withdraw from the contract in place. The new electricity supplier, in fact, address the request for withdrawal to the old supplier. AEEG explains that it is not necessary to perform any work on the plant and on the counters, because change is the only commercial and administrative management of the supply. The distribution company, which operates the local electricity grid remains the same even if you choose to change electricity supplier, adds AEEG. And to the end customer must be ensured the continuity and security of the service.

The timing of termination of the contract are to be set by the Authority. At the domestic customer may be asked at least one month's notice to move to a new seller. For a small business, the maximum notice period is one month when the company chooses for the first time to switch providers to enter the market and the free electricity while you get three months for all subsequent changes, explains AEEG.

The procedures for the transition to another electricity provider provide that both recorded a reading of the counter in order to allow the old salesman to issue the bill of closure of the relationship. The last reading is used by the supplier as a new starting point for counting the consumption and issue the new bills. In this way, the customer should be protected from the risk of being called upon to pay twice for the same consumption. Highlight the Authority that no seller can demand payment for a service provided by others. If there is such a situation, if the customer has already paid can be repay the entire amount, plus legal interest.




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