VAT arrangements for cash: how to join

From Agency Revenue a measure that indicates how to exercise the option and join the new VAT regime for cash.

The taxpayer who intends to pay the value added tax in accordance with the cash basis, may issue invoices bringing you the record for the operations with VAT per order (pursuant to Article 32-bis of Legislative Decree 22 June 2012, n. 83) and then communicate the decision to join the scheme later, at the presentation of the first annual VAT (part VO). The option for the settlement of VAT for cash - says the measure - in fact it follows "from the implication of the taxpayer." It means that before you apply the new regime and then we inform you that you have chosen to join.

The option will take effect from 1 January of the year in which it is performed and only for this year from 1 December 2012. The choice also constrains the application of VAT in cash for at least three years, unless it reaches a turnover of 2 million euro, in this case it will cease by the regime. After 3 years, the option remains valid for each following year, if you choose to stay in the scheme, otherwise you can go through a withdrawal that - as the input option - must be communicated in the first annual VAT.

The decision of the Director of Revenue, no. 165764/2012




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