Online processes: electronic experimentation tax process

The computerization of the State is yet another step forward: the company signed a memorandum of understanding between different agencies (including the Inland Revenue and the Council of the Tax Justice) to start the trial of the so-called "tax process electronic ".

In practice, the basic idea is the one for which both the tax authority (whether tax agency, a municipality or a region) that the taxpayer can submit their claims and defenses, as well as the memories and documentation to support , via the web, and, increasingly electronically, will be notified of the judgment to the parties.

Course will be essential to have a certified e-mail address.

But not enough: the online tool will also be useful to gain access to the case file and consult all the available documents, as well as determine the progress of the practices.

The adoption of this approach is useful both to reduce the time and facilitate the usability of the tax process, both to help save paper (very need felt by the Public Administration), all this, however, the bond to avoid any detriment efficiency and transparency of administrative processes.

Before applying such a revolution in thinking, even before acting, by operators, it is still required an experimental phase, as mentioned. As a field test were chosen the Provincial Tax Commission of Rome and the Lazio Regional Commission.


The trial will last until the end of July 2010 and will coexist with traditional forms of the procedure, there is no reason, however, that as a result there may be an extension or a new trial elsewhere.

In the coming weeks, the Department of Finance will take initiatives for training to promote knowledge of the new procedure.




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