Control tax deadlines: tax schedule

Directly by the Inland Revenue a useful service: a search engine of deadlines related to taxes and tax compliance, in order not to go beyond the terms of payment and thus avoid sanctions salty!

As for the 'taxpayer category', the search can be done by selecting one or more entries like the ones found in the list below:

• All;

• Individuals who do not hold a VAT: employees, retirees, coordinated and continuous, casual workers;

• Self-employed persons: self-employed owners of VAT numbers registered or not registered professionals;

• Entrepreneurs artisans and merchants, agents and representatives of trade, etc..;

• Partnerships and equivalent entities: SNC, SAS, Soc Simple, Associated Studies;

• Joint-stock companies and commercial entities: Ltd, Inc. SAPA, Soc Cooperative, public and private entities other than companies;

• Banks and other financial intermediaries: banks, SIMs, fiduciary companies, etc..;

• Entities that carry out commercial activities;

• Organs and state administrations (not VAT registered);

• Other subjects.


But as for the 'type tribute or fulfillment', the selectable menu items are as follows:


• All

• Personal income tax

• Irpeg - IRES


• Vat

• Ici

• Social security contributions

• Withholding tax

• Other taxes

• Declarations

• Repentance


The search can be done by selecting one or more entries in the search form.

Selecting a single voice search will be performed for all values of that voice, for example, by selecting only the category taxpayer will find all the deadlines for the chosen category.

Tip: If you do not know the exact date or if the service is used for the first time it is preferable to set the search for 'Month deadline' instead of 'Expiration Date'




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