New jobs thanks to sustainable building

The development of sustainable building also brings news on the employment front, with new figures that look out on the market and more traditional roles called to reinvent themselves in order not to lose their attractiveness. "The green building is supporting the construction market and it is certainly not a temporary phenomenon," reflects John Buccheri, energy and construction manager Antoitalia Group. "To find work in the field requires a mix of skills in the planning of the project in the field of housing, urban planning, engineering and materials technology."

The architect who specializes in bio-compatibility

The main professionals involved in green building are "the architect, who must have an extensive knowledge of eco-friendly materials and especially their characteristics and fields of use," adds Buccheri, "and the designer of air, called to integrate the characteristics of the materials and plant components to make the construction according to environmental and climate characteristics that must be inserted. "

The engineer must move with commercial logic

The company's research and selection Randstad notes that in recent months is growing demand for highly skilled engineers (civil, mechanical, electrical depending on the industry - building or plant) experts in the design of buildings with low environmental impact and plants for the energy production in the construction sector and industry (especially photovoltaic and solar). As well as engineers with expertise in commercial also specialized in the sale of structures and systems with a high rate of sustainability (buildings, solar panel systems on private homes or industrial buildings), especially in photovoltaics. "The evolution of the market is changing the characteristics required for the professionals," says the CEO of Randstad Italy, Marco Ceresa. "Thus, for example, to sales engineers are required expertise in project design, quotes and tenders, as well as experience in selling B2B and B2C."

The manager that minimizes waste

The protection of the environmental impact of the buildings is not just about the construction phase and or renovation. During the life of the building is essential to pay particular attention to energy consumption. E 'on this front that operates the facility manager, who only seek to maximize space is required to minimize the energy consumption, the provision of lifts "smart" the adoption of home automation solutions to reduce the misuse of technological devices. Usually perform the function is an engineer who has completed the training with a master's degree in energy management, employed as a consultant (in the case of a free-lance work for other buildings) or as an employee in buildings that have a large number of offices, integrated together.

Often the facility manager works closely with the technical verification of the performance of buildings, called to make quantitative estimates of the budget and energy efficiency of the property as a function of the materials used and the tools used for insulation.



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