How is it possible to provide asbestos removal without resorting to private companies?

The law does not oblige to remove asbestos. But who wants to do it on their own must act with caution or consult private companies. A savory food prices, because there are no facilities

But how to behave in case the city where he was forced to dispose of? We must say that there is no obligation to do so, unless you create danger for the environment and human health because of its state of disrepair. This is required by law 257/92. It is also true that many of the objects, still in use, contain the material of mineral origin (think only to those construction-related) and when they are thrown because worn out, the problem arises of how to do it in the proper order. 

Alone or with authorized companies

Anyone who wants can also do it personally when it comes to small quantities to be handled with ease, but avoiding contact and trying not to release into the environment. So first of all need to think about protecting yourself with coveralls, goggles, masks. Then, lay on the products to be disposed of some so-called encapsulating materials such as acrylic adhesives, remove the materials or sheets, trying not to break them without using drills or saws, collecting the material to be discarded in sealed containers suitable for transport and lead to the rejection landfills or authorized companies. Those who prefer to contact a specialist is facing a process not a little complicated: first of all you have to wade through the many offerings of private companies that do not know how much they have what it takes to do this type of work. However, there is a list of specialized firms must demonstrate that they possess a license and suitable equipment is available at the Chamber of Commerce.

The costs are still high

Then there is the sore point of the costs, which can vary greatly but are certainly high. And so to dispose of one / two square meters you can spend up to 1000/1500 euro, just as an example. Incentives there are none, except for provisions issued recently by some municipalities and provinces that provide aid, but only if you are replacing the coverage of asbestos with a roof fitted with photovoltaic panels. The situation is, however, very differently from area to area of the national territory. There is, according to Fulvio Cavarian, Director of the Regional Centre of asbestos Lazio, a measure which might encourage the disposal of asbestos waste: "The micro collection could be a decisive element to focus on, because much of the material to be disposed of is made of objects small and common use: the tube, the eaves, the chimney should find a way facilitated disposal. Just think about all the renovation and maintenance of buildings that are part of the historical centers of our country. "


A kit to measure

Some effort in this direction is noted as common in Florence and a few other "where are distributed to the citizens who need it," he adds Cavarian "a kit for disposal, made by mask, gloves, material spreads on objects, practically everything you need for intervention "do it yourself" small objects that otherwise, as often happens now, are left behind in the countryside, along the ditches, near the dumpsters. " The concrete proposal is therefore that of a system that facilitates, in terms of procedures and also in costs for the citizen, the disposal of asbestos domestic use.



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