Development Decree provides a large number of simplifications in the field of building permits

In amendments to the bill, converting Decree Development, simplifications incisive invest permissions on construction. Finally approved, the amendments shall enter in the text of the bill dismissed by the Chamber. Text that encased the confidence placed by the government, comes now before the Senate.

Broaden the categories of interventions that may fall into the so-called "free building activities" and the Notice of Commencement of Work is "lighter" in the annexes. News that "make group" with the strengthening of the Single Desk, with the simplification of Super DIA, making incisive simplifications, in addition to the extension of the deduction of 55% for the redevelopment building at 30 June 2013.

Expanded interventions subjected to CIL with attachments

With the addition of an article (13a) a new set of efforts is included among those that do not require qualifying title, falling into the so-called "free building activities." If the text of the bill will not change, will be subject to the Notice of Commencement of Work with technical annexes also "internal changes of character building on the covered area of buildings used for commercial activity or changes in the intended use of the premises to commercial activity. "

As for the extraordinary maintenance included in the so-called "free building activities," even for this category, the person must send to the municipal identifying information which will be entrusted the work, for they must be united to a technical report accompanied by construction documents, signed by a qualified technician.

The technician will have to declare in advance of not having dependency relationships with the company or with the client and assevererà compliance of the work planning instruments approved and applicable building codes. They also declared that the state and regional regulations have not issued any qualifying title.

News of no small importance is also the abolition of the obligation to attach any authorizations required under industry regulations for all extraordinary maintenance subject to CIL.




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